Duncan Avenue // Hudson Valley’s Premiere Real Estate Services

  • Our Services go beyond just providing safe, serene and beautiful exclusive Real Estate Property. As an extended service, we also provide house packages that give you access to an array of house designs, suited to a variety of lot sizes and unique family needs.


    Dino Alexander

    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • We are thrilled to bring Great Design Solutions to Hudson Valley’s vibrant and dynamic Real Estate Market. At Duncan Avenue we believe that in today’s world of digital products and services, Design is revenue; Design is profit.


    Max Loskutnikov

    President & Chief Design Officer
Real Estate Photography

Real estate is quite a vibrant market today and most marketers have adopted new techniques in pushing sells. One should begin to ask the questions, how do you ensure a …

Real Estate Marketing

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Home Remodeling

At Duncan Avenue, we believe that green homes are healthier places to live, are better for the environment and can save money. They have better air quality than non-green homes, cost …