Simplida Fine Art – Product Photoshoot with Maxwell Alexander

Home Staging Tips by Designer Maxwell Alexander

In a strictly rational world, buying a home would be largely an economic decision. Home buyers would weigh the properties carefully, comparing factors like appreciation potential, relative value and quality of life. But in the real world, the home buying experience is quite different. Staging a House for Sale? Here are Top 10 Home Staging […]

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Do You Have Too Much Stuff? A Checklist for Your New Minimalist Lifestyle

Having too much stuff might sound like an oxymoron to some people but the reality is that too much of anything can be a bad thing. In fact, this is pretty much the central maxim of minimalism! What you learn as a minimalist, is that the more you cut back on unnecessary ‘stuff’ and clutter, […]

5 Essential Steps to Choosing Wall Art – with Designer Maxwell L. Alexander

Thinking about Moving to the Hudson Valley? Townhomes Could be a Great Option!

The townhouse concept of living is nothing new. Townhouse living has been around for quite a while but its appeal has really taken off in the last several years. Larger urban and suburban population growth and changes in the general lifestyle choices for society in the twenty-first century have driven the growing movement towards townhouse […]

Simplida Fine Art – Product Photoshoot with Maxwell Alexander

Simplida Fine Art – Product Photoshoot with Maxwell Alexander

Photo Gallery: Simplida Fine Art – Product Photoshoot with Maxwell Alexander If you are looking for inspiring wall art ideas, wall art prints, wall art decor, and wall art canvas photo prints for your bedroom or living room you are in the right place! has the best original fine art photography printed in the USA on premium canvas in a variety of […] - World's Fines Wall Art Printed on Canvas in the USA

Decorate Your Rental Home the Right Way to Make it Feel Like a Real Home

According to, “The share of Americans who rent their home is 27%, the share of non-homeowners who can’t afford to buy a home is 43%, the share of renters living in single-family homes in the US is 42%, and the share of renters under 30 years old in the US is 49%.” Decorate Your […]