Simplida Fine Art – Product Photoshoot with Maxwell Alexander

Home Staging Tips by Designer Maxwell Alexander

In a strictly rational world, buying a home would be largely an economic decision. Home buyers would weigh the properties carefully, comparing factors like appreciation potential, relative value and quality of life. But in the real world, the home buying experience is quite different. Staging a House for Sale? Here are Top 10 Home Staging […]

Aerial Photoshoot in Hudson Valley, New York for Almax Realty - The Best Drone Photography

Infographic – Hudson Valley, New York Real Estate Photography by Duncan Avenue Studios

Every home has a story and a unique charm. Our goal at the Duncan Avenue Real Estate Photography Studio is to tell that story through creative and professional commercial photography throughout Hudson Valley counties including Orange, Rockland, Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam, Westchester, Greene, Rensselaer, Columbia, Saratoga, and Albany. Maxwell Alexander, a world-class commercial and residential real estate photographer, […]

Aerial Photography by Duncan Avenue Studios – Hudson valley Real Estate Photography

Aerial Photography by Duncan Avenue Studios – Hudson Valley Real Estate Photography

When it comes to closing real estate deals, photos are your most effective marketing asset. The power of photos to capture the viewer’s attention is unmatched by the power of words. Moreover, quality photographs are the most effective differentiator when it comes to search engines optimization and appearing on top of search results (on Google […]

Fresh Fitness and Bodybuilding Shots by Maxwell Alexander – New York Fitness Photography – Duncan Avenue Studios

Fresh Fitness and Bodybuilding Shots by Maxwell Alexander

If you are looking for the Best Fitness Photographer in New York, look no further! Duncan Avenue Studios has got you covered with its award-winning fitness and bodybuilding photography services in New York, and virtually anywhere around the World. Contact us today for a  free quote >>

Checking for Key Digital Camera Features

Checking for Key Digital Camera Features

In this article, I will provide a list of the digital camera key features that you should think and know about. Here’s a summary of what to look for: 1. Resolution Resolution determines how sharp your image will be, how much you can enlarge a photo before the pixels start to become distracting, and how […]

Portrait Photography Made Easy – Tips by New York Photographer Maxwell Alexander

Portrait Photography Made Easy – Tips by New York Photographer Maxwell Alexander

Mobile phones have evolved into a well-loved technological gadget that you could bring anywhere you want. You could capture moments with a simple click on your camera unlike when you have to bring along your professional or digital camera, which could really be very inconvenient. If you will browse through the various network sites you […]

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Do You Have Too Much Stuff? A Checklist for Your New Minimalist Lifestyle

Having too much stuff might sound like an oxymoron to some people but the reality is that too much of anything can be a bad thing. In fact, this is pretty much the central maxim of minimalism! What you learn as a minimalist, is that the more you cut back on unnecessary ‘stuff’ and clutter, […]

New York City – Hudson Valley, NY Product Photography by Maxwell Alexander – Duncan Avenue Studios

Fragrances for Men – How to Know Your Own Scent

It may sound funny to you, but it is really essential to understand your own scent (or “smell”), it is really good to realize and recognize how your body smells as it will affect the type of perfume you choose and be prepared for ordering perfume samples online. Perfumes for Men: Know Your Own Scent – […]