Makeup + Hair + Styling by Kiley J. Winn

Kiley J Winn
Kiley J Winn

NYC Male Boudoir Experience // Makeup + Hair + Styling by Kiley J. Winn // IG: @kjwinn1

Meet Kiley, Duncan Avenue's talented makeup artist, hair stylist, and fashion stylist with a passion for helping others feel confident and powerful. Kiley is known for his ability to bring out the best in clients through his styling skills and warm, welcoming personality.

With a love for travel and meeting new people, Kiley is always looking for new opportunities to expand his horizons and learn from others. When Kiley is not busy styling clients, you can find him enjoying a relaxing night in or exploring the world. Whether you are looking to feel your best for a special occasion like a male boudoir photoshoot or just want to try something new, Kiley is the perfect choice to help you achieve your desired look.

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NYC Male Boudoir Experience Portfolio: Makeup + Hair + Styling by Kiley J. Winn