Thinking about Moving to the Hudson Valley? Townhomes Could be a Great Option!

5 Essential Steps to Choosing Wall Art – with Designer Maxwell L. Alexander

The townhouse concept of living is nothing new. Townhouse living has been around for quite a while but its appeal has really taken off in the last several years. Larger urban and suburban population growth and changes in the general lifestyle choices for society in the twenty-first century have driven the growing movement towards townhouse communities.

5 Essential Steps to Choosing Wall Art – with Designer Maxwell L. Alexander
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Townhouse living is being embraced by people for a variety of good reasons. It’s definitely a trend that will only continue to expand. But what is it that drives this market?

  • Townhouses are in a much higher demand, specifically in areas surrounding New York City (due to the recent migration trends caused by pandemic). While there may be a limited pool of buyers for a stand-alone million dollar house, building five to ten more affordable townhouses on the same plot of land is nearly certain to attract full occupancy.
  • Society is more mobile now than ever before. Young home buyers (Millennials) don’t have the time or the desire to spend their weekends mowing lawns, repairing broken fences or tending to gardens. Townhouse communities generally charge a home owner’s association fee to their residents to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the overall community. The larger the fee, the greater the number of services offered. A townhouse offers the opportunity to have a nice home with pleasant surroundings without sacrificing all your free time to maintain it.
  • Many townhouse communities offer features that individual homeowners would never afford on their own. Such bonus amenities as swimming pools, fitness facilities and clubhouses are not uncommon in many communities. Townhouse residents get to enjoy a richer lifestyle because of the sharing of facilities.
  • Townhouse communities offer a real sense of community and that’s something that has been lost in our increasingly diverse society. Past generations often lived in close proximity to family members. Those commonalities formed a bond and a sense of community. In today’s townhouse community, that common ground is found in homes that generally look very similar in design and share common walls and common outdoor space. Neighbors feel more like neighbors when they see these similarities.
  • There can be an added sense of security in townhouse communities. Because your nearest neighbor is only on the other side of the party wall, potential thieves and burglars are less likely to identify a particular residence as being vacant and an easy target. Close neighbors, whether intentionally or simply by coincidence, are far more likely to be aware of strange occurrences in the community.
  • The community home owner’s association can be the great equalizer when it comes to dealing with disagreeable neighbors. Unlike neighbor disputes when you live in a single family home, residents in townhouse communities must abide by certain generally agreed upon rules of conduct. The association will enforce such codes of good behavior as cleaning up after your dog, keeping trash cans where they belong and addressing issues with noisy activities in the middle of the night.

A good townhouse community has a reputation to uphold and takes that responsibility seriously in order to maintain that reputation and keep the property values up. It is definitely a trend in today’s Hudson Valley lifestyle that will expand and continue.

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