Real Estate Agent Brand Photography Package – Portrait Photography – Editorial Photography

Real Estate Agent Brand Photography Package – Portrait Photography – Fashion Photography – Editorial Photography – Hudson Valley Photography – NYC Photography

You are a real estate agent now. You finally made it.

They told you they would be proud when you got your license. And now your new broker can't stop showing you off to clients and friends. Now it's your turn to show off your professionalism and skills with a professional portrait photography session with Maxwell Alexander of Duncan Avenue Studios in the Hudson Valley/Upstate, NY or NYC.

Maxwell Alexander is a professional photographer based in the Hudson Valley specializing in portrait photography for real estate agents looking to enhance their brand as well as show off their success stories. With over 18 years of experience photographing real estate agents from all over the country, Maxwell's team specializes in creating unique imagery that captures their personality, lifestyle, and success story.

You want a truly genuine connection with your clients. We want to provide you with images that speak to your brand - highlighting the personality and lifestyle you want them to experience. We want to create images that make your brand memorable and real, so when potential customers think about your business they think about YOU!

Contact Duncan Avenue Studios or call us at 845-518-2750 today for more information on how we can work together.