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Duncan Avenue Group

Duncan Avenue Group

Who We Are

At Duncan Avenue, we combine the very best in real estate management and go beyond the scope in order to encapsulate and combine it with the various service elements that are a necessary part of an ultimate service delivery mechanism. We just don’t offer the best locations in residential and commercial properties but also go a step further and bring our flare in interior design, real estate marketing, renovations & remodeling, landscape design and much more along with us.

When you choose Duncan Avenue you choose a company which helps invest you in your future, to us you are not a one-off client – we form long-standing relationships with all our valued customers. With a multitude on offer we transcend conventional real estate services and offer our own touch of crazy to any project which you wish to undertake and along the way unleash our own creative genius and professional expertise to your benefit.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-end level Design solutions to our clients and their marketing, photography, video tours, advertising design and branding needs. We are also using our global production team for heavy-duty web/data development and video editing/production.

Another part of our business is home renovation projects. Here we are also thinking about beautiful Design, Functionality, Sustainability and Social Responsibility. We are committed to using natural and sustainable/recycled/green materials where possible and very eco-conscious about our Design and Architectural choices.

Our team uses Design Thinking for each project we work. We believe that any challenge can be facilitated using Design. We are on a mission to challenge established business processes on the true importance of Design, and the untapped value it can deliver.

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

– Robert L. Peters

We believe that in today’s world of digital products and services, Design is revenue; Design is profit. If used right, Design drives rapid innovation, faster user adoption and long-term customer loyalty while fostering product development efficiencies.

Through our Design Services we provide competitive advantage to our business partners and through Real Estate services we give you access to the databases and listings comprised of a whole reservoir of information of nearly every kind of property (including residential houses, apartments, villas, commercial offices, retail shops, and more) available in Hudson Valley region.

Building For The Future

Of all the aspects which attract us to this phenomenon, it’s the essence which it represents which is important to us. Real Estate isn’t about the past, it’s about moving towards to a brighter future. It’s about transcending benchmarks and discovering newer more robust methods to sustain and live. That is what the true meaning of our work has represented since the very start, we aim at taking the same stance through to the next step in our relationship with you as well.

Building Robust Partnerships

We aim at developing long-standing relations with all our valued clientele, in that stead the services we offer match your expectations of us. What’s more they are also aimed at being unique and custom built to match what you want and how you want it. An important part of that relationship is being able to put to use the very best in technology to your advantage.

To do so we introduce newer methods of real estate marketing, build media campaigns and much more around tours of your property. Truly our services are focused towards building what you dreamed of and then rolling it out onto the market for all to benefit from.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that needs and real estate desires vary from individual to individual. This is the reason why we at Duncan Avenue believe in catering to every customer in a customized way. We offer you a house packages that give you access to an array of house designs, suited to a variety of lot sizes and unique family need. Moreover, our able and experienced team of real estate professionals works day and night to bring you reliable information and trustworthy deals.

If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy real estate solutions at affordable rates, contact us TODAY and put all your property related worries to rest and ensure a secure and blissful future for yourself and your loved ones.

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