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What Clothes To Wear For Portrait Photography – Pro Tips by Photographer Maxwell Alexander

What Clothes To Wear For Portrait Photography – Pro Tips by Photographer Maxwell Alexander

When doing portrait photography, it is common for people to worry about what to wear during the session. Despite what may seem like a trivial matter, the clothes you wear during portrait photography can have a major impact on the photos. For the best looking yet most natural portraits, make sure to advise them of which clothes are appropriate to use on the set.

What To Wear For Portrait Photography – Pro Tips by Photographer Maxwell Alexander

Here are some tips on how to dress during the shoot so that you do not feel uncomfortable. In this article, we will provide advice for portrait photographers and their clients regarding the proper clothing to wear on a set.

Dress comfortably.

When photo sessions begin, photographers’ biggest challenge is making their subjects feel relaxed and at ease, so what they wear plays a big part in helping them be more natural. Dressing in comfortable clothes will ensure they don’t make a fuss when the camera starts clicking; therefore, instruct them to wear the most comfortable but presentable clothes during the photoshoot. It is highly likely that you are capturing them that way if they are content with what they wear.

How you dress in your portrait tells the world about you.

As much as people condemn the idea of judging a person by what they wear, it is common for viewers to say something about what the subject in a portrait is wearing. Since all the viewer can see in a portrait is a still image, it is difficult to correct the outward appearance of the portrait.

Therefore, by allowing the subject to wear their most comfortable clothing, the photographer will be able to create a portrait that communicates their most physical and inner likeness. It is up to the subject to choose clothes that show their funny side or show their serious side.

Plain, unobtrusive dark clothes work best.

The subject about to be photographed may benefit from wearing plain or dark clothes. In addition to making the person wearing them appear slimmer, plain dark clothes allow the focus to be on the image of the person’s face. This is crucial in a portrait photo; after all, you want the viewer to see the expression and reaction first before seeing the other details.

Plain clothes have a good effect on the totality and background of the portrait, since they allow the focus to be directed on the subject itself, making it possible to demonstrate the character likeness of the person displayed.

With clothes that have crazy patterns and colors, dots, lines, and overly elaborate designs, it is impossible to achieve this goal, which defeats the true purpose of portrait photography. Also, keep in mind the complexion of your subject. However, there are plain colors for every type of skin tone.

Pants, Long Sleeves, and Collars

Collars are a great detail that all men’s clothes must-have. If captured in a portrait, collars are an amazing way to frame up the face. In addition, long sleeves are preferred over short sleeves, just as pants are preferred over shorts. As a result, there is less exposure of skin, legs, and arms, which can actually be negative for portrait photography.